Forged Steel Bellows Valve

Forged Steel Bellows Valve

Bellows Sealed valves are avaiable in two bonnet designs.The first design is the Bolted Bonnet,with male-female joint,spiral wound gasket,made in F304L/graphite.Ring joint gasket are also available on request. The second design is the welded bonnet,with a threaded and seal welded joint.On request a full penetration strength welded joint is available. 
Design Construction bellows sealed valves conform to API 602,and ANSI B16034.
Each are tested according to API 598,and marking is per MSS SP-25.


1.Two piecd self-aligning packing gland
2.Bolted with spiral wound gasket or threaded and seal welded bonnet
3.Integral backseat
4.Socket weld ends to ASMB B16.11
5.Screwed Ends(NPT) to ANS/ASMB B1.20.1
6.Outsids Screw and Yoke (OS & Y)
7.Grease nipple for stem


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