Butterfly Valves

The butterfly-style series of company engineers developed a new generation of high-performance products, its performance has been at the advanced level both at home and abroad, widely used in low-voltage, medium voltage, high pressure, iron and steel metallurgy, petroleum, chemicals, power and other industrial pipeline make a cut-off or adjust the volume with medium. The door fan eccentric oblique three-dimensional cone-shaped valve seat seal, butterfly plate sealed using a new type of metal sheets stacked together with the elastic material, embedded in a butterfly on the board in line with the valve seat. The use of butterflies pressed board sealed swing, so sealing surface frictional resistance of small, closed more tightly related with the more functional, so that a reliable seal to open the sealing surface to ensure complete disengagement to ensure that the sealing surface from damage. Structural characteristics of the butterfly valve to exclude the other types of butterfly valve, have had a bit of the shortcomings can not be sealed, and in high-Shu under normal use, to overcome other types of valves used in high-temperature thermal expansion due to the shortcomings of the leakage easily. Butterfly farming with the use of the media request, choose a different sealing surface material, in order to ensure sealing surface wear resistance, corrosion resistance, long service life.
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