Flat gate valve

Flat gate valve for Class150 ~ 900/PN1.0 ~ 16.0MPa, work temperature -29 ~ 121 ℃ oil, gas, water, oil and other pipes on the road, or access to pipelines for the cut-off of media

1, valve seat O-ring seal used to exert pretightening force and floating valve seat structure, so that import and export of two-way valve seal plate; the headstock and the structure is only an ordinary valve torque 1 / 2, can easily On, Off Valve

2, in full, the channel for the smooth straight line flow resistance coefficient is extremely small, no pressure loss, can pass the ball clean wool pipeline

3, with a self-sealing capacity of the packing structure, no regular adjustment, the closing is extremely lightweight, and reliable seal, filler Department letter sealed with grease into the auxiliary structure, absolutely reliable sealing performance, the real zero leakage; solve a common fill valve leak of the most vulnerable to the ills

4, plate gate valve to close automatically removed when the high pressure cavity to ensure that the use of safety

5, completely closed structure, protective properties, and can adapt to all requirements

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